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An ancient Greek term meaning the “vital breath” of every organism. It is what gives it life, and animates it, underneath the visible surface. Just like our fittings, through which the vital spirit of any system passes.

“Pneuma” is our Manifesto.

The basic principles that animate our company, that guide our approach, and that we have chosen to shape our future.


Bringing our projects to life

Just as our fittings are the heart of any machine they are installed on, in the same way, we penetrate the heart of all our projects, bringing them to life. And we do this by offering the best solutions, based on our customers’ needs and complexities.


Getting to the core of the product

To us, a fitting is not just a simple component, like many others. It has its own soul, which can be shaped, interpreted and maintained over time, by cultivating the relationship with the customer, offering an attentive service, and constantly renewing the trust they place in us.


Allowing the potential to flow

Just like the air and liquids that flow through our fittings, we let the potential of Cmatic’s people flow freely. This allows us to preserve our passion, keep our identity alive, and offer outstanding support.


Searching for the spirit of innovation

What has guided us from the start is our ability to go beyond, to listen to the market and surpass the needs, creating true innovation. We know how to do this thanks to a consolidated mix of design know-how, attention to detail, and spirit of intuition.


C.Matic S.p.a.

Via Matteotti 32, Giussano (MB)

20833 - Italy

+39 0362 805246

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