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Quality and certifications

Quality made to last

Because the essence of real quality is in the small details that stand the test of time. At Cmatic, we define quality as a multifaceted and integrated approach, applied to many segments of the design and production process. For this reason, it can ensure the utmost reliability and durability over time.



Meeting the customer’s expectations and honouring all commitments undertaken.


Utmost compliance with the contractual and regulatory requirements.


Improvement and reduction of production costs.


Reliable services, products and operating methods.


Constant customer service and product improvement.

Production with a focus on environmental protection

We strive to prevent and mitigate negative environmental impacts, by fully complying with environmental regulations. We attempt to reduce polluting emissions by implementing responsible behaviour and modern and efficient systems and equipment. We assess and manage the environmental impact in the entire life cycle of our products. We adopt careful product scrap recovery and recycling measures.

  • ISO 14001 certification 

  • Self-production of energy from renewable sources

  • Consumption optimization

  • Reduced consumption of natural resources

  • Limiting waste production

  • Production scrap recovery

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