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PT Line: sono ora disponibili nuovi prodotti e dimensioni

19 December 2020
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Cmatic’ PT line is a range of DOT Push-in fittings for Vehicles applications complying with SAE J2493-3 e SAE J1131 specs. Cmatic PT Line is designed for use on all pneumatic circuits and assemblies except between the frame and axle, or between a towed and towing vehicle. PT also complies with DOT FMVSS §517.106 standard which makes the line the perfect fit for the US market.

Discover Cmatic’s new product range extension which includes a Swivelling elbow fitting, male 45° our PT 15-45°; a Swivelling elbow fitting, female our PT 17; a Swivelling tee fitting, female, called PT 20-F and a Bulkhead union female our PT 27-F.

In addiction, lots of new sizes are now available to enhance Cmatic current offering:

Download the new PT Line Catalog


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