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Misting applications, never this easy: discover Cmatic MM line

16 April 2021
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Have you ever thought about how to easily catch the dust of a construction site or how to maintain a perfect level of humidity inside of a green house? Your answer could be by cleaning and irrigating on a regular basis and you would will be almost right. Almost though, because it’s just a half-truth. If you would like to reach your scopes efficiently and at an inexpensive cost, you should consider using a misting system. The benefits coming from the installation of a misting system are plenty and but yet again the system efficiency over time depends on the quality and reliability of its components. This is why we offer our top-notch fittings especially developed for misting and fog systems.

How does a misting system work?

Do you know the refreshing feeling you get, after a nice dive into a swimming pool in the heat of the summertime? Although outside the weather is hot and the sun is shining, your body feels fresher for a little while. This is due to the evaporating process: Evaporating water molecules absorb energy from your body giving you that feeling. Misting systems work on the same principle: high pressured water is channeled through hoses and sprayed through nozzles as millions of very fine mist droplets, creating that way a refreshing effect all around a specific area.

Cmatic crafted the MM Line using all its experience and know-how in high pressure connections with the aim of offering fittings capable of guaranteeing a great performance of any misting system over time. Our misting push-in fittings can handle a pressure up to 80 bar and can be used in every possible application because of the wide range of types and dimensions which make them adaptable to all systems. For instance, smaller nozzles (with a hole between 0,15 and 0,20 inch) are generally used for cooling and moisturizing purposes (in civil, industrial and animal applications) whereas, bigger nozzles (with a hole size of 0.3 or 0.4 inch) are used primarily for odours control and dust suppression.

Discover Cmatic MM line for misting

Why should you install a misting system?

Misting is a cost effective, energy saving, non-polluting technique used in both commercial and industrial fields to control odours and humidity, to set dusts and to cool down indoor and outdoor temperatures. The success of misting (or fogging) systems is due to their wide applications and to the low cost of implementation and maintenance moreover, a classic refrigerating system can’t be used for dust control.

Misting systems are part of our everyday life, although sometimes they are not noticed. Misting and fogging in fact can be very discreet. The fog effect is commonly associated with the entertainment industry (such as movie sets or water games in spas or water parks) or fumigation but misting systems are widely used in grocery stores and markets to keep the freshness of perishable products such as fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. Furthermore, such systems can reduce the temperature in medium-large areas even in conditions of high humidity while promoting air exchange, setting dust and keeping mosquitoes away. Misting Systems are versatile, requires a low maintenance and are easy to assemble. Before proceeding with the assembly of a misting or fogging system, it is essential to bear in mind the final use of the device (cooling? Dust suppression etc) and based on this choose the fitting with the most suitable nozzle size

To learn more, take a look at the new Cmatic line dedicated to misting.


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